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Your dogs become part of our family for their holiday. The choice of beach walks, field walks, lazing in the garden or sofa surfing is entirely theirs .

We have four resident dogs Barney and Pippa Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - 11 years and 10 years old.  Dougal the Hungarian Puli 8 years old and Jiffy a Miniature Poodle 4 years old. All of our dogs are used to welcoming new dogs into our home but we always ask before taking any bookings that you bring your dogs to meet ours so we can all be happy they will get along.  Its also very important for you to feel comfortable and confident to leave your dogs with us.

At our initial meeting feel free to ask as many questions as you like, we will ask you to complete a booking form if you go ahead with your booking.

Homeboarding fees are from

£25 per day to include day of arrival and day of departure. Day care fees are £20 per day to cover from  0800-1800.

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